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For holders of Residence Kriss keycard

From opening day until 17/06 from 09/09 to closing day
Showing your old Key Card at the Reception desk on the day of your arrival, you will receive a discount up to 10% on your stay:
3-4 nights applied discount 5%
5-6 nights nights applied discount 8%
From 7 nightsnights applied discount 10%

From 17/06 until 09/09
Showing at the Reception Desk your old Keycard you will receive a complimentary pair of Beach Towels (100 x 150 cm) with the Logo of the Residence.
Minimum Stay required: 7 Days

Attention: Our kind Guests will have the right to enjoy the above special offers only if they book directly with the Residence through email,
phone and booking online on the official web site

Discount and promotions for holders of Residence Kriss keycard